Welcome to Gleaning the Harvest! Take a look around and get to know the families. You can give to them in the sidebar. Thank you for the difference you are helping to make in the lives of these families.
May you find peace in whatever your journey is, and may your life be full of blessings and happiness.  

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Lego Club for Homeschoolers – Night Edition
“Do you have a Lego enthusiast who could spend hours and hours every day engrossed with creative building?  Do you have so many Legos in your house that you never know when you’ll suck up one with your vacuum cleaner? Do you sometimes get down the floor with your clever builders and create something of your own?
Some details: Meetings will take place once a month on the second Monday of the month.
Starts in July.
Meetings will last 60 minutes…
Go to CURRCLICK for more details

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I have been in contact with a single mother of children with disabilities for sometime now, and she has had quite the battle.
You can read about her struggles here on HSLDA:
the Case (in Colorado):
Homeschooling Mother Vindicated in Court
The Anonymous Tip—Can Children with Learning Disabilities Homeschool?
“After she politely asked the social worker to leave, as recommended by attorney Donnelly, the social worker complied with her request.
Nevertheless, the social worker did not close the investigation against the family. As it turns out, some of the Kittinger children have learning disabilities, and the …

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Tasha has become homeless.
Here is a note from her:
“We are in the hotel. Until finances get smoothed
Out things will be tough. Scraping by right now but
Trusting God!!
We are fine, safe, together, and happy!!! ”
You can help Tasha and her children out by giving to her on the sidebar. Read Tasha’s Story here.

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A single mom of young children with developmental delays is in need of some curriculum help. Below is listed their needs, with contact information following…

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For the past 4 years, we have helped over a dozen families by using donations widgets through Chipin. We set it up this way so that you could see what the giving was and give directly through them to each individual family. It worked well for these past years. Now, however, Chipin has discontinued its service, and we will be going thorugh Paypal for the time being.
While we get their individual accounts set up and their personal donation buttons on, please give through the one below or on the sidebar …

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Currently, Mrs. K has just returned from out of state helping her father after surgery and recovery. She is now looking for a job and has found a home to rent, but she is in need of a deposit of $650. She is positive and looking forward to what life has for her and her children.
“I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in the past when I first had to leave my home with my 6 children….It has been about a year since I had to walk …

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Just an update.
All of the moms on GTH are working hard to provide for their families. It isn’t enough, though. Two have sewing businesses, one of them drives a school bus, and another mom has a cleaning business and was working in an office for a friend. They are doing what they can and keeping their children home to educate them.
Recently, Karen’s dad had surgery and complications, and she has been taking care of him at his place for over a month. She is in need right now, because this …

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Here is a link to a cute tutorial to remake a shirt into a dress by adding a skirt to it: T-Shirt Dress How-To…
Recycling things – also now called upcycling, is a great way to save some money and create things you need out of things you or others no longer do.  I think this is neat, because you can take something you already like and create a new wardrobe with it.
I haven’t been able to do it yet, but I have some little girl shirts just achin’ to become dresses, …

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Be sure to stop by the site and check out the new widgets posted in the sidebar. We have five families at this time and a couple more who are hoping to be able to get on soon.
It is easy to give if you have a paypal account. Just click the button and sign in and set the amount to give.
If you don’t have a paypal acct. and you want to give, send us an email, and we can see what other options you may have to give to the …

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Perhaps you are new to Gleaning the Harvest. Or maybe you want to give, but you don’t think you have much to offer.  Here are some ideas to get you started.
* Collect Pennies in your class
* Save your change
* Make something. Sell it. Donate the money to a family.
* Fundraiser in your community or at your church.
* Add a Chipin Button to your blog.
* Write about Gleaning the Harvest and share it with others.
* Support the families’ businesses
* Mention Gleaning the Harvest on Twitter or Facebook
* Join our Facebook Page.
* …

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Mrs. K is separated from her husband. She left her home due to a dangerous situation of abuse. She has 6 of her children with her at this time. For privacy reasons, the ages of her children are not being disclosed, but they are all under 12.
She has a home business and is working it to provide for her children, but she is also looking for any means possible that will allow her to have a job and stay home with her children while they need her there.
She is currently …

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Jess, of Titus Keepers Natural living supplies for heart and home, has put up a fund raiser on her site to help the families on Gleaning the Harvest. She has announced that she is giving 100% of profits from all sales from October 15, 2011 through November 20, 2011 to Gleaning the Harvest families.
Please take a look at her Personal Care and her Natural Cleaning supplies and see what you might be interested in for your own home or for gifts.
Here are the Personal Items she has in her shoppe:
Facial …

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If you are a single mom, you may be looking for a way to make income at home. Or maybe you are just looking for the best way to feed your family. I want to present a new company on the horizon that may be able to help you do both. Of course, this opportunity is not just for single moms, but for everyone!
Recently we were introduced to a new company that has created a way to purchase organic and healthy foods, and in the midst of all of the …

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It is now 2 weeks into the month. Have you tended to the widows and orphans in your community? What are some ways that you can love a local widow or help a single mom and her children?
If you have, “GREAT!”.  That pleases the heart of our Father very much!
If you have not, then take time to seek out a widow in your area and help her prepare her A/C for summer heat. It is such a small thing to do, but something that she may not be able to …

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First, let us say that it is amazing to us that we have been helping you in giving to families here on GTH for over 2 years!
In a review of the past ChipIns for the families since 01-2009, we noticed a trend. The trend that we noticed is that giving in months 9 through 2 in both 2009 and 2010 topped out in the 75%-100%+ range, whereas from months 3 through 8 in both years are low giving periods, with less than 50% and down to the teens in giving. …

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